The Oregon Coast: a magical combination of mountains, vibrant green forests, and a beautiful ocean coast. If you haven’t had an Oregon travel experience yet, hopefully the following tips will be enough to convince you. Here are the top reasons why you should travel to the Oregon Coast as soon as humanly possible.

Sunsets on the Beach

Bonfire on Oregon Coast near Seaside, OR

The Oregon Coast is lined with miles and miles of sand beaches, much of which is able to be driven on. That’s right, if you’re feeling adventurous, take your car right down on the sand, find a good spot, and watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean from the comfort of your own car. An even better idea? Take some firewood, your preferred beer or wine, and some beach towels with you to build a bonfire right on the beach. The stretch of beach from Seaside up to Astoria, which offers about 18 miles of uninterrupted beach, is a fantastic place to try this. If you stay late enough on the beach, you might even be the only one around you for miles. Just you, your bonfire, the ocean, and the stars overhead. There aren’t many experiences like it.

Amazing Beer and Wine

Whether you prefer beer or wine, the Oregon Coast will have something good for you. Like many states around the US, Oregon has had breweries sprouting up left and right around the state, and the Oregon Coast has some great breweries to check out. Want good beer with an even better view? Check out Pelican Brewing in Pacific City, where you can drink beer on a patio that’s right on the beach. The ability to drink beer right on the beach definitely gives Pelican Brewing my vote as the best brewery on the Oregon coast.

Pelican Brewing in Pacific City, OR

As for wine, you will find a great selection from vineyards across Oregon, Washington, and California. If you are looking for a good place to stop in and do some wine tasting, check out the Wine Shack in Cannon Beach. They offer wine flights for $12 that allow you to try 5 different wines, all of which will be very tasty. It’s a fun thing to do after a walk on the beach.

Scenic Coastal Hikes

One of the best parts about the Oregon Coast is that it offers the combination of the mountains and the ocean. So when you are not walking on the beach, take a hike on one of the hundreds of trails that are around the coastline through lush green forests. Just make sure to bring some good hiking shoes though because it can get pretty muddy!

Hiking in Ecola State Park

Whether you are looking for a nice easy stroll through the forest or something more intense, there will certainly be a trail for you. Here are two of the best Oregon Coast hikes to try out while you are there:

Clatsop Loop Trail: Ecola State Park (Moderate)

This trail is 4 miles round trip through beautiful forest and offers a beautiful view of the lighthouse that is perched on top of a rock off the coast at the end. It’s rated moderate since the way up to the viewpoint has a decent incline to it, so be ready to put some work in. The view along the way is absolutely worth it though.

Falcon Cape Trail: Oswald State Park (Easy) – Falcon Cape is about 4.5 miles round trip and, similar to the Clatsop Trail, offers beautiful views of the coastline. This trail, however, offers much easier terrain to hike. As long as you are doing this trail, make sure to find your way to the beautiful hidden cove that is nearby, which is often dotted with local surfers trying to catch the giant waves that crash into the shore. It is absolutely worth seeing.

Fresh, Delicious Seafood

Look, I’m not normally the biggest fan of seafood, so take it from me that it is absolutely worth trying it out here. Seafood is just on another level when it is fresh, and the Oregon Coast offers many opportunities for you to try fish that were caught earlier that day. The good news is that many restaurants along the coast do it well, so it’s not hard to find. The bad news… well it can be kind of expensive. But I assure you, it is well worth it to try it at least one or two times. Here are some suggestions for good restaurants to get you started:

Crawfish Étouffée from Sweet Basil’s Cafe

Northwest Wild Products: Astoria, OR – Northwest Wild Products is one of the many fishmongers on the Oregon Coast (aka, the place where fishermen take their freshly-caught fish after getting back to shore). Located on the docks where many fishing boats are stored, Northwest Wild Products offers one of the most “local” experiences possible. It is literally a couple of picnic tables set up outside of a little room where you go into order your food. It’s a fun experience and the food is fantastic. A great spot for lunch.

Sweet Basil’s Cafe: Cannon Beach, OR – This quaint little restaurant located in the center of Cannon Beach offers some of the best food in the area. Award-winning chef, Jeff Sowa, serves up some incredibly flavorful Creole & Cajun-style dishes that are absolutely worth the higher price. It’s only him back in the little kitchen, so expect to wait a little longer, but you can rest assured that it is worth the wait. If you are feeling adventurous, try his famous Crawfish Etouffee. You won’t regret it.

Those are our top reasons for you to visit the Oregon Coast as soon as possible. What do you think? Feel free to add any questions or comments below and we’d be happy to answer them! 


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