Boston is filled with incredible photography spots. Check out the photography vlog above to see the historic Acorn Street, the beautiful Isabella Gardner Museum, and one of the most picturesque coffee shop in Boston: Tatte Bakery & Cafe. 

Top Photos of the Day

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Both Acorn Street and the Isabella Gardner Museum offer some unique and incredible opportunities for beautiful shots. Acorn Street is often incredibly busy, so you may have to battle with other tourists for a good angle while you are there. If you come at the right time, though, the results can be amazing.

The Isabella Gardner Museum is an incredible taste of Italy right in the middle of Boston. The founder, Isabella Gardner, was a lover of the Italian Renaissance. She spent much of her adult life collecting Italian Renaissance art with her husband. After her husband passed away, she built the museum that now stands in Boston, which looks as amazing as any villa that you will find in Italy. The courtyard is jaw-droppingly beautiful, and is a spot you’ll probably find yourself spending hours trying to get that perfect shot.

While out and about in the city on our photography day, we also stopped by the delicious, and very photogenic, Tatte Bakery & Cafe. If you are here in Boston, we would highly recommend stopping at Tatte for coffee and breakfast. And, of course, make sure to stop by one of Boston’s famous cannoli bakeries for a tasty cannoli.

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Here are links to some of the places we stopped:

Tatte Bakery & Cafe:

Isabella Gardner Museum:


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