Rachel and I booked this tiny mountain cabin for the weekend at the last second and were FLOORED with the beautiful views. It even came with a Finnish Sauna!

We spent the weekend exploring the area around our tiny mountain AirBnB cabin up in the mountains. We were surprised at how much there was to do in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (other than hiking, of course)! We stayed near the town of Tamworth, which was an adorable little town where we visited a coffee shop and a distillery (the distillery unfortunately didn’t make it into the video). The people in Tamworth were incredibly friendly and offered a lot of great suggestions for great hikes not far from the town.

The coffee shop we went to in Tamworth was called Art in the Age Cafe, which we highly, highly recommend going to if you are ever in the area. The food and coffee there were so good that we even went back the next day (both times we went for brunch). We had their breakfast biscuit and their chicken salad sandwich and both were to die for. The distillery was called Tamworth Distilling. It featured liquors made from locally sourced materials from around New England. If you are there, make sure to try their whiskey and their various gins!

The hike that the barista recommended was hiking up to the Great Hill Fire Tower, which is an old fire tower that was decommissioned back in the 1940s and now serves as a beautiful lookout point for hikers. It was a really short hike, so perfect for those who are looking for a pleasant walk with great views at the end. 

By far the highlight of the trip, though, was the experience of the Finnish Sauna. I’ll be the first to admit that it took us far, far too long to get the stove in the sauna to the right temperature. I (Ben) can take the fall for that one (I only made it 1 week in Boy Scouts for a reason). But once we got in there it was an incredibly relaxing experience. Nothing like sweating out all of the stress from life back in the city! We tried to complete the Finnish sauna tradition by rolling in the snow outside, but as you see in the video, the snow was basically a sheet of ice so it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience. We’re looking forward to trying out a Finnish Sauna again! Hopefully next time will be next to fluffy snow or even a lake to jump into (right, Rachel?).

One note on going up to the White Mountains during the winter, make sure your car can handle some pretty difficult mountain roads. We got lucky that there wasn’t more snow on the roads, or else my little Mazda 3 wouldn’t have been able to make it up some of the very steep roads that we had to climb to get to our cabin. You should be fine drive up there in the summer with smaller cars, but winter driving in the mountains is no joke.

Have you seen our trip to Portland, Maine yet? Make sure to check that out to see more of what New England has to offer!


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