Dealing with reverse culture shock? Coming back home after a long trip can be really tough. Check out our top tips for how to cope with reverse culture shock so you can get past that post-travel sadness in no time!

It can take a long time to get reacclimated to normal life back home. For one, you probably are missing the incredible adventure you were just on. All of the new people you met, the destinations you traveled to, and the incredible experiences you had are now behind you. Faced with the fact that you are now back to your normal life, that can be pretty sad.

On top of that, depending on how long you’ve been gone for – maybe a month, a year, or more – it can feel like you, the people, and the place you left behind have completely changed. It’s almost overwhelming to try to catch up on everything that both sides have missed while you were gone. 

So, yes, the feeling of reverse culture shock sucks. However, it doesn’t last forever, so hang in there!


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