Since we know that we will be staying in our apartment for at least the next few months, we figured it was high time to upgrade our desk setup! Since both Rachel and I are working at home for our jobs, we knew it was time to set up a new workstation so that both of us weren’t working at our tiny kitchen table. We are super excited to use this new setup for video editing and other Map Pinners-related work too!

Here are the two bigger things we purchased to upgrade our desk setup:

Sceptre E205W Computer Monitor – for the cheap price, it works great: Clear Floor Chair Mat:

Our speaker we use for sound:

Bose Soundlink Mini II Speaker:

If you are a little bummed about staying at home for a little while like we are, make sure to check out our top tips to cope with not traveling for a little while to help get you through these rough times!


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