Follow along with Katie and I as we experience the Spring Festival in Beijing, China! While wandering through one of the festivals in the city, we tried some Chinese street food, saw some cool performances, and visited a beautiful Buddhist temple. Oh, and dealt with some massive, massive crowds.


We wore masks in the video to protect from pollution, since that day was a particularly poor day for air quality. Wearing a mask was a new experience for both of us back then, but we are certainly well-acquainted with them now! 

The celebrations for Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, can last up to two weeks in China. The big celebrations usually start the night before Chinese New Year (which is the new year in the lunar calendar). 

If you are thinking about traveling to China during the Chinese New Year, it is incredibly worth it! Just be prepared for lots of businesses and restaurants to be closed around China leading up to New Year’s Day. We had to spend a few nights eating instant noodle packages in our hotel room leading up to the New Year. But the wait was worth it 🙂


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