Join us as we tour Shanghai’s beautiful old city! We explore the Yuyuan Bazaar, the Yu Garden, eat some delicious food, and take a boat cruise to see the breathtaking Shanghai skyline.


Katie and I were finally joined by my parents for this video’s tour. They were supposed to arrive a couple days before this video, but they ended up having to endure 54 hours of travel! Even though they were very jet lagged, my parents still did a whole day of touring with Katie and I on pure adrenaline. 

Our tour guide met up with us in the morning and she first led us through the historic Yuyuan Bazaar, which was filled with food stalls, tea shops, and stores filled with historic Chinese goods. 

After that, we headed to the Yu Garden. It’s located right next to the Yuyuan Bazaar and is filled with classic Chinese buildings and cool statues. It actually used to be a private garden, originally build during the Ming Dynasty, but now it is open to the public. It’s absolutely worth a visit.

After the Yu Garden, we headed into Shanghai’s Old Town to get some dumplings. Before we were able to get to our dumpling restaurant, though, we had to battle our way through some unbelievable crowds. The crowds were so unbelievable, in fact, that I actually experienced my first human traffic jam! Thankfully, the police came in and help direct the traffic, so we eventually made it through. 

After our delicious meal of dumplings in the Old Town, we headed out for a boat cruise down Shanghai’s Huangpu river to see the Shanghai skyline. The cruise turned out to be unbelievable and we got a ton of great footage from it. Safe to say, it was a great last day for Katie in China. Our trip in China continues next week as we move onto the beautiful city of Hangzhou!


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