In this episode of the China Series, we explore the breathtaking Hangzhou & Suzhou by boat, by rickshaw, & by foot. Follow along as we see the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou & Lingyin Temple, one of the biggest Buddhist temples in all of China. 


During his stay in China, Marco Polo described Hangzhou as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it is easy to see why when you see it with your own eyes. The beautiful mountains that dot the landscape around the city, coupled with the stunning West Lake, make for some breathtaking sites. 

We started out this vlog with a rickshaw tour of Suzhou, as you can see from the look on our faces, was a ton of fun for my parents & I. Our rickshaw drivers were super nice and were willing to stop whenever we wanted a picture (which I really appreciated). 

After that, my parents and I drove about 3 hours south to explore Hangzhou. After spending the night in our hotel, we began the next day with a tour of Lingyin Temple, one of the most popular Buddhist temples in all of China. The temple is surrounded by tall hills that are dotted with carvings of Buddhas, which makes for a very serene feel. It’s absolutely worth a visit.

After the temple, we went on a boat tour of the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou. Our tour guide, May, provided a ton of helpful facts throughout our tour & we were treated with some beautiful weather, which certainly helped with making the views as incredible as they were. 

Finally, I was very thankful that my dad and I made the decision to stay up for the sunset like we did because it turned out to be one of the best sunsets I’ve experienced in my life.


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