Join me on my last day of teaching in China as I take you on a short tour of Prospect College in Chongqing & share some of my favorite memories while I was there. 

After an unforgettable year of living & teaching in China, my time finally came to a close. It is so unbelievable how quickly the time went. I will never forget the amazing people, the beautiful places, and the delicious food that made my year in China so special. 

While the majority of the China Series was spent covering the trip I went on during Winter Break, most of my time living in China was actually spent teaching at the university and getting to know new people in the Hechuan District of Chongqing. This video is a very authentic view of what my daily life was like in China – just walking from my apartment to my classrooms at the university, saying “hi” to students I pass by, and getting dumplings with friends. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has watched the China Series. Sharing this period of my life has been such an amazing experience for me and it has been so incredible to have received such nice comments and questions throughout our timing doing the Series. 

While this Series is coming to a close, this is just the beginning for our channel. Tune in next week as we take you back to the present day for more adventures! Oh, and Ben will finally be back!


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