After months of growing out his hair while self-quarantining at home, it was FINALLY time to get Ben a haircut. It is amazing to think that Ben has been growing his hair out since our trip to New Hampshire. How time flies! This was Rachel’s first time ever giving a man a haircut, and it just happened in our home in Boston during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here is the razor that we used for the haircut:

To set up for the at-home haircut, we pushed everything out of the way in our living room, laid down some garbage bags on the floor for easy hair pickup, and put a chair in the middle of the garbage bags for Ben to sit on. The haircut took 3 hours to do, we can guarantee it wouldn’t take that long the 2nd time since much of the time was spent learning how to do it. If you are looking to cut your own hair at home or looking to have someone else cut it, hopefully this can be a helpful/fun guide for how to go about doing it. 


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