On our 2nd day in Acadia National Park, we have a beautiful drive through a rainy Acadia National Park, hike the scenic Thunder Hole to Sandy Beach trail, and see amazing views on the Homans and Emery Path.

We had originally planned on starting the day hiking to the top of Cadillac Mountain, but unfortunately it was raining all morning. We pivoted to having a nice breakfast in Bar Harbor and then going for a rainy drive around the national park. We are really glad we did too because we were one of the only ones on the road, which made for a really pretty, peaceful drive. Then to cap it all off, we were treated to an amazing rainbow when the rain finally let up. 

After the rain subsided, we drove to the Sand Beach area to hike the trail between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach. The trail itself was one of the more heavily trafficked trails that we went on in the park, but it was well worth it since it had beautiful views of the coast of Maine the whole way (plus the rainbow, which stuck around for the whole hike). 

After the Thunder Hole to Sand Beach trail, we travelled inland to hike the Homans and Emery path. We didn’t think this path was worth bringing the cameras with, so we decided to leave them in the car. But we were so wrong. The path led up a beautiful stoney path that was flowing with water from the rains earlier that day, making for beautiful waterfalls throughout the trail. We followed the trail up to the top of the hill and were treated with amazing views of the park – all the way out to the ocean. It was well worth it.

The hikes we did on Day 2:

  • Thunder Hole to Sandy Beach trail
  • Homans and Emery Path

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