The Blue Hills Reservation is a state park located just over 10 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts. Its rolling hills are filled with beautiful hiking trails, parks, and even a ski hill.

The hike we did last week was called “the Great Blue Hill via the Skyline Trail”, which is a 3 mile hike that goes to the top of the Great Blue Hill and finishes with views of the Boston skyline, as well as the Atlantic Ocean beyond. There is also a historic observation tower at the top of the Great Blue Hill that has a great pavilion area for snacks or drinks.

We had a blast and would highly recommend this hike (especially with the fall foliage – it’d be stunning!). Check out the video above and come along with us as we hike the Skyline Trail in the Blue Hills Reservation. Make sure to stay until the end for some incredible views of the Boston skyline and the Atlantic Ocean!


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