International travel may be back, but it is NOT the same as it was pre-COVID. In this video, we’ll give you some tips for things you need to consider before taking a trip to Iceland. Just for starters, travelers now need to bring proof that they do not have COVID-19, whether that be in the form of a vaccine card or proof of a negative COVID test. For Iceland specifically, we had to pre-register with the Icelandic government to get into the country, get a COVID test at the airport, and then quarantine for 5-6 hours before getting our test results back. And we had to do all of this despite both of us being vaccinated!

We flew Delta over to Iceland and they made the experience very easy. They sent us constant to reminders of all the requirements that we needed to fulfill to enter the country. Thanks to Delta for that!


2 thoughts on “FLYING to ICELAND from the USA in 2021 ✈️ Top Travel Tips for Iceland

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