Join us as we explore some of the best things that Boston’s beautiful new Seaport district has to offer! We’ll show you the Boston Tea Party Museum, Trillium Brewery, Taiyaki NYC ice cream, and some scenic views of the Boston Harbor.

The Seaport Neighborhood: Modern Luxury

Seaport is one of Boston’s newest neighborhoods, and also one of its nicest. The area is filled with brand new high-rise apartments, luxury stores, and gourmet restaurants. The area is also has many open, green spaces that often have fun events going on, like pop up breweries or winter markets.

Boston Tea Party Museum

An absolute-must for any history lovers who visit the Boston Seaport district is to visit the Boston Tea Party Museum. The museum offers an excellent tour that takes you through the events leading up to and during the day of the Boston Tea Party. The actors and actresses who lead the tour do a fantastic job of giving an entertaining tour, while also being very knowledgable of the facts of the day.

An Iconic Boston Photo Opportunity

And, of course, you can’t leave the Boston Seaport district without getting a shot of one of the most iconic angles of the Boston skyline. Take a walk out to the path that runs parallel to the harbor and keep going until the skyline looms in front of you (like in the image above). We captured this photo during the day, but we would also highly recommend taking a trip here to capture this skyline at night in its bright, shimmering glory.


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