We’re off on our first adventure of FULL-TIME TRAVEL!! Join us as finally leave the frigid Minnesota cold and fly to the warm, tropical paradise of Cancun, Mexico.

Flying to Cancun, Mexico in 2022 is pretty seamless for many travelers these days because of Mexico’s lack of entry requirements related to COVID-19. No vaccine requirements, no tests required, nothing. All we had to do was book the ticket, get to the airport, and go.

One suggestion I would have for any travelers going to Mexico in 2022 is to fill out the Mexico border entry form online ahead of time to save you some time in the line at border security. Just fill it out online, print it, bring it with you, and you won’t need to frantically search for a pen to fill out the form last-second.

As many northerners do during the winter, we decided to head south for some much needed sun for our first destination of full-time travel in 2022. And, as you’ll see when we got to the airport, we certainly weren’t the only ones with the idea of going south on that day. The lines at the airport were very, very long. Thankfully, we were able the super long security line because of trusty ol’ TSA Pre-Check (which we got with the credit that our credit cards provides us).


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