In this week’s video, we prep for the biggest adventures of our lifetimes: FULL-TIME TRAVEL. Join us as we quit our jobs, move out of our apartment, and prepare for the crazy adventure that lies ahead of us.

If only it was as easy as just closing our work computers, boarding a plane, and heading out to a sunny destination to start our journey.

But it wasn’t as simple as that for us. There were so many boxes on our checklist to check off before we were even able to set foot in the airport. For starters, we had to submit our 2 week notice at work and wrap up all of the work we had left to do while also transitioning our work to other people (which is always quite a process). While handling all of that, we had to pack up all of our things in our apartment, fully clean it, and then move all of our things to their temporary home in Rachel’s parents’ basement. AHH. It was enough to make our heads spin. But we knew that this new adventure was going to be worth the temporary stress and sleepless nights 🙂


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