This week, we head south to visit the beautiful coastal town of Tulum! Join us in this 2022 Tulum vlog as we visit the stunning Tulum Archaeological Zone, the Azulik Resort, and eat some delicious (and cheap!) tacos 🙂

Tulum is located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico – about a 2 hour drive south of Cancun, Mexico. Tulum has a very artsy, almost “hippy” vibe to it, mixed with some very upscale developments. You can tell the town is in a transition from being an undiscovered, chic location to being a wealthy, developed destination full of resorts and fancy condos.

Food in Tulum: The Cheap & the Expensive

Because of that, Tulum offers both the upscale, expensive experiences at restaurants and hotels that you might expect from a resort town. Even in 2022, however, you can still find plenty of options for cheap Mexican food in between the fancy restaurants, like the delicious tacos we found in the video for only $2.50 (USD).

The Azulik Resort & Sfer Ik Museum

Many of the newer buildings in Tulum have a very unique, natural design to them. One of the most unique buildings to check out while you are in Tulum is the Azulik Resort, which is located in the hotel zone on the ocean front of Tulum. The design of the resort almost makes it look like a giant treehouse mixed with a bird nest. It’s incredibly cool! If you don’t have the budget actually stay at the Azulik Resort, we recommend that you visit the Azulik Resort Museum, called Sfer Ik, which is located right next to the resort. After taking off your shoes at the entrance to the museum, you’ll be greeted to a large, 2 level space that looks like you just walked into a giant birds nest. Both the floors and the walls of the building are built from sticks with a few round windows in the ceiling letting in natural light. While walking through the museum, you’ll smell strong scents of incense being burned in the room while hearing the calming music being played and feeling the sticks beneath your toes. And while cameras are not allowed in the museum, you are allowed to bring your phone in to take as many pictures and videos as you’d like. If you are looking for any spot in Tulum for your next Instagram post, the Azulik Resort Museum (Sfer Ik) is definitely the place for it.

Tulum Archaeological Zone: Must-See Mayan History

The other place we would highly recommend visiting in Tulum is the Tulum Archaeological Zone. Located on the cliffs of the Caribbean Sea is a stretch of land covered in Mayan Ruins that you can explore. We would definitely recommend getting a guide for the Archaeological Zone, since there are almost no signs in the area explaining what the buildings in the area are. So if you try to go into the Archaeological Zone, you may not come away with much historical context behind what you are looking at.

If you are looking for a tour guide for the Tulum Archaeological Zone, make sure to check out Roger on AirBnB! He was awesome!


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