Join us for an incredible private tour of the best murals & graffiti in Comuna 13 in Medellin. This is one that you will not want to miss!

While Comuna 13 is mostly known for its dangerous past, especially in the early 2000’s when it was known has the most dangerous neighborhood in the world, the community has made a remarkable turnaround in the past decade. Instead of streets filled with danger, Comuna 13 is now filled with all aspects of its thriving hip hop culture: breakdancing, DJing, rapping, and, of course, beautiful murals.

What was the most amazing aspect of the tour for us is how the community used hip hop culture to pull themselves out of such misery and poverty, to now being a thriving, vibrant community that welcomes thousands of travelers every day. It’s truly a remarkable comeback story, and we were lucky enough to hear it from someone who grew up in the Comuna 13 during the darkest times.

Sergio, our tour guide, can be found on AirBnB for Comuna 13 tours and we could not recommend him highly enough. He is a super cool guy. Hopefully you can get lucky and get him for a private tour like we did!


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