Join us as we take you on a river boat tour of the crocodile-infested waters of the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica in search for beautiful tropical birds and giant Costa Rican crocodiles. We saw over 50 types of birds on this tour! It was incredible!

We want to quickly thank Greg Hertler, who took the tour with us and was nice enough to provide us with some of the BEAUTIFUL photos of birds that he took on the trip. Thank you so much, Greg!

We found this Tarcoles River birding/crocodile nature tour through Mangrove Birding Journeys, who are located in the town of Tarcoles, Costa Rica. Our guide, Randall, who is an incredibly experienced bird watcher and photographer, was amazingly good at spotting birds left and right on our tour and knowing exactly what it was when he saw it. Our heads were spinning trying to keep up with everything that he was pointing out to us!

As Randall tells us in the video, the Tarcoles River is one of the best locations in the world for bird watching because of its unique location between North and South America and being between rain forest to the south and plains to the north. According to Randall, there are over 160 types of birds that fly through that area – an incredible amount for such a small area. We would highly recommend this tour if you have a chance to visit Costa Rica!


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