This week, we take you to the outdoor adventure paradise of La Fortuna, Costa Rica, to show you some of the top things to do in this outdoor adventure lover’s paradise. We’ll show you ziplining around Arenal volcano, dipping into one of Arenal’s top hot springs locations, Ecotermales, and take you to the beautiful waterfall near La Fortuna: Catarata Rio Fortuna.

La Fortuna is a small town that sits in the shadow of a large and very impressive volcano called Arenal Volcano. It is a town filled with shops offering different outdoor adventure tours, like rafting or ziplining, hotels, and restaurants of all types of cuisines. The town itself is fun to walk around in, especially at night when other travelers are out hitting the town’s bars and restaurants.

One of the most popular things to do in La Fortuna is to go to one of the many hot springs around the area. Being at the base of Arenal volcano, the area around La Fortuna is filled with natural volcanic hot springs. Many of the hot springs are owned privately by hotels or resorts, which cost money to enter, but there is a public option that is free. We chose to go to the Ecotermales Fortuna, which is a hot springs spa located about 5 minutes outside of the city. The spa has a hot springs stream that runs directly into the pools that make up Ecotermales, so the water is completely natural. One thing we loved about Ecotermales is that it offered pools of different temperatures ranging from cool to very hot (around 104 degrees fahrenheit). It was a really lovely experience!

Our favorite thing that we did in the Arenal area was to go ziplining. We chose to go with Sky Adventures Arenal, who are located on the other side of the volcano from La Fortuna. Sky Adventures has a zip line course that consists of 7 different zip lines that crisscross across a wide valley. Zooming down the ziplines on the Sky Adventures course has been one of our favorite experiences so far on travel, especially because of the beautiful views of Arenal Volcano!


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