In this week’s video, we take you to the very top of the tallest volcano in Costa Rica: Irazu Volcano. Join us as we go above the clouds and into the caldera of this once deadly volcano and what is now a beautiful national park.

Irazu Volcano, which stands at 11,260 feet tall (3,432 meters), makes for a beautiful and easy day trip from San Jose. The drive to the volcano alone is worth it because of the sweeping views of the valley below that you are treated to as you climb the side of the mountain. Once you get to the top of the volcano, you must pay an entrance fee before heading into the park, which was $15/person when we were there.

There are two parts to Irazu Volcano National Park to explore. The first is the lower and larger portion of the park. This portion has a path that will lead you past three of the craters that once spewed lava, but now will often feature pools of water. You also will have the opportunity to walk on what used to be a lava field, but now is a field of volcanic soil.

The second portion of the national park is the higher viewing point, where you can get a view of the entirety of the volcano’s caldera. This is where you can get the best view of the valley down below and even look down upon the clouds that are passing by the volcano. It’s truly a spectacular site and should not be missed, even if the road to get to the top is bumpy.


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