Hi! We’re Ben and Rachel, the founders of The Map Pinners: a center for adventurous people to gain inspiration from our crazy travels and be part of a global conversation with other travelers from around the world.

Have you ever had a tough time relaying your travel experiences to those back home? I mean, how do you even sum up all the travel experiences in your head in just a few sentences?

Well, The Map Pinners began as Rachel and I were searching for ways to do just that: share our experiences with our friends and family back home in Minnesota after moving to Boston in 2019.

That desire to share our experiences eventually evolved into a platform where Rachel and I could combine our love of travel with our passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. With Rachel’s background in communication, photography, and videography, and mine in digital marketing and global business, starting The Map Pinners on YouTube and beyond just made perfect sense.

If you are to take anything from our videos, blog posts, or other resources – beyond just travel tips and fun moments – we hope that it is an increased curiosity and appreciation for the myriad of different cultures around the world. Whether that be appreciating it through delicious food, meeting new people, incredible nature, or beautiful architecture, we hope that our channel can give you the inspiration and the tools to go experience these wonderful things for yourself!

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We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach us via email or by filling out this contact form. Sometimes travel can make responding quickly hard, but we will do our best to answer every question sent our way ASAP!

Email: themappinners@gmail.com